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Autogrow automated technology today.

The future of sustainable crop production is the marriage of plant biology, data science and cutting edge technology.

For growers looking to optimize, modernize and grow their crops production - the key is automation. The overall benefits of automating your growing operation are vast and plentiful. Regardless of how you’re looking to develop your growing ambition, automation offers universal benefits that allow you to achieve your goals - and then some.


We help growers produce sustainable crops using automation. That includes new growers setting up their grow sites and existing growers looking to modernize. Our goal is to allow growers to work more efficiently, and to put their energy in the places that need it most.


Automation and data analytics can not only help you grow healthier plants and save on labour, it can significantly lower your risk of crop loss. With remote access control from any mobile device you can know immediately if anything goes wrong with text and email alerts.


We have products for all levels of growers’ needs, from introductory products perfect for those undertaking their first steps at controlling fertigation, to multi-crop / multi-area systems to help you manage your nutrient, irrigation and climate control.


Automatically manage all aspects of your climate – from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity, all in one simple controller.


Automatically manage your nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data log your progress. Grower approved for 10 years, the IntelliDose sets the industry standard for a small commercial auto-dosing. 


MultiGrow is your all-in-one, multiple grow area controller. It can run up to 8 different growing zones, managing the environment as well reservoirs and irrigation schedules.


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