About us - Mission Statement

Here at Growgevity we carry your passion for growing. We only carry the highest quality tools and equipment to get the job done right. Automating your garden is what we specialize in. From the urban indoor garden to large Greenhouses, we can help. We help take the guess work out your system and deliver.

We offer technology as simple as timers controlled and monitored through your phone. To an All-in-one solution that control PH, Nutrients, Lights, CO2, Fans/blowers, and more. With Real-time data loggers that are securely accessible through your phone or computer. We give you the tools understand your crops cycles and duplicated your optimal recipe consistently.

We are located in St. Albert, area and provide all our customers the up most care in privacy. We offer fair low prices, with excellent customer service. We are reachable most of the day with friendly support for any of your growing needs.

We only sell products are certified for use in Canada, and we stand our ground on it. Safety is key when dealing with high powered lighting systems. We can offer solutions as setting up a tent to designing and constructing installing larger  rooms and beyond. We design our systems to suit your need.

If your looking for nutrients, lights, controllers, tents, automation, any of your garden needs, we will have it available for you.

Come give us a try you will be surprised our service commitment to your needs.


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